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Mistral Quintet      |       Other chamber ensembles and repertoire

The Mistral Quintet was born in 2022 with its debut concert on November 5th at the "Teatro dei Vigilanti-Renato Cioni" in Portoferraio (Leghorn). 

The modern wind quintet originates from the favorite octet at the court of Joseph II in late 18th Century in Vienna. Haydn's influence on chamber writing and advances in the construction of these instruments at the time suggested almost unexplored possibilities for woodwinds and made them more useful in small ensembles, leading composers to write for smaller ensembles. The compositions of Anton Reicha (1770-1836) and Franz Danzi (1763-1926) “codified” the genre, and their pieces still represent standards of the repertoire today. Although the wind quintet experienced a period of crisis in the second half of the 19th century, in the 20th there was a renewed interest in the formation by leading composers, and today this formation is a standard chamber ensemble, appreciated for its versatility and variety of color tone that gives the opportunity to experiment with new sounds, seek out new worlds and explore new languages and timbres.

From the left: Lorenzo SANNA, Alessandro CASINI, Filippo RICCUCCI, Gabriele RICCI and Gianluca TASSINARI.


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